Our Business Terms

Here are some best working practices for us to work with. I have outlined a good working relationship in these  business terms that protect you (client) and The Graphic design Shop (designers) in the course of our business relationship.


General payment terms

All copyright of all created materials by the designers are the designers copyright until paid for in full by the client. We have the right to refuse usage until full payment is received and can request and action closure, download and recall of any used design materials or services. Terms of payment are strictly 30 days from the invoice date.

Where services are paid in advance. If the client is not satisfied with our service due to time and there are no designs submitted after a agreed time period then the client is entitled to a full refund. If the client refuses the designs including the amends, then the client is not entitled to a refund.


Copyrights and ownership

The client has copyright of all work done by The Graphic Design Shop after full payment. The Graphic Design Shop retains all copyright if payment is not received.

The Graphic Design Shop retains the right of usage for designs for self promotional purposes only.

The client needs to agree in writing if they intend to use the designs, logos or illustrations in any other way other than the intended use. The Graphic Design Shop will not allow illustration use in other ways other than the intended project. The client may not use the illustration and design materials as saleable items in there own right.


Payment terms

The client will pay in-full at the end of every stage in the project or at the end of every single project before work commences. The client agrees up-front payment on the first project completed for them by the company, and a 50% charge upfront for large projects. The remainder to be paid on final sign off. The client agrees payment terms on each invoice submitted of 30 days from the date on the invoice.


Websites and hosting

Many companies ask for Admin status on websites we build for them. This means they have shared control on their website. Under no circumstances wha-so-ever are the client(s) to exclude the designer (The Graphic Design Shop) from Admin status. Doing this entitles the designer to terminate the site, roll back the site and/or end the business relationship with immediate effect. The client will be resposible for any incurred costs.


Late payments

The client agrees to pay a 5% late payment charge after 45 days.


Project cancellation or termination of agreement/relationship

If after project commencement the client does not want to continue. The client agrees to pay any agreed fees and costs incurred by the designer.



In the course of conducting our business we will only use your contact details for communications related to a purchase or project. We will not pass on to any third party any of the details we hold of our clients. If you wish to have these details we hold to be deleted please contact Paul Gurney at paul@thegraphicdesignshop.co.uk


Image usage

The Graphic Design Shop (Paul Gurney Communications Limited) takes no responisbility for unlicensed images uploaded to the websites The Graphic Design Shop hosts and designs (including any websites from previous clients). The image usage is the responsibilty of the client and the client pays all fines and costs associated with unlicensed images used. The Graphic Design Shop only uses, in the design process, images purchased and licensed from Adobe Stock, all other images used are not the responsibility of The Graphic Design Shop.