The Barham community store newsletter

The Barham newsletter design, designed as a twice yearly 8 page periodical promoting the new community store. Barham acquired Lottery funding to build a village store, as the previous post office and store closed. The project required a logo and signage and, now we are designing a newsletter. We created a banner head, type and layout style which we use for each issue, but layout the new content in the grid developed for the newsletter.


Showing the brand with Barham newsletter design

Designing newsletters is all about maximising the space with interesting articles and well presented and good quality images to illustrate the articles. Overall we aim to create a look that represents the brand image and communicates at a level that suits and promotes the shop and services.


A newsletter for every business

Every business can benefit from a newsletter, whether that is in print or by email. The newsletter is an excellent way to keep communication with your customer base and a great way to raise awareness on sales offers. Attentions spans for audiences is dropping so it is very important to keep your brand or company from of mind with enticing design and quality images to show your product or services to it’s greatest effect.


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Barham Newsletter Design

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