A new logo for LiveLearn

LiveLearn is a corporate training company based in Kent. LiveLearn delivers bespoke training courses that enable staff in companies personal development skills, delivered in a friendly, educational, fun and inclusive environment. The logo and website branding ‘look and feel’ was required to communicate the companies services and personality and show a warm and approachable style reflecting the courses they offer.

Creating the elements for a training logo

The idea of the icon was to create impact with a simple but graphically strong image. For us the dominance of ‘L’ in the brand seemed significant. There was Leanne, the lovely, dynamic and enterprising owner of the business. The two L’s in LiveLearn – all seemed to point in the direction of developing a graphic with an ‘L’ theme. So we decided on an icon that looked like a slightly pinched ‘L’ that had a visual hint of a pointer or arrow pointing to the bottom left corner. The icon also looks like a plane breaking the sound barrier or a ship cutting through water, a reference to breaking boundaries, discovering new potential, challenges preconceptions and encourages the discovery of new experiences. This illustrates therefore the positive change for clients and clients employers.

The colours we chose we wanted to be a deeper primary and impactful, yet neutral with no obvious labels. This is the palette for the brand which was rolled out throughout the website and other promotions. The overall effect is a unique logo identity with an underlying message that re-enforces the company services.

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