London website design

This is a typical London website design with a smart and slick City of London feel. Created in Avada Theme from Theme Forest. The BGL Partners website is a comprehensive company website of some 21 pages. The ‘look and feel’ was very much led by the clients branding colours and typeface. The Duck Egg Blue was carried throughout the site. This site is built with interesting interactivity and extra technical security add-ons too.

How have I done this?

The content was written by the client and the client also directed the design. I submitted 2 visuals for the client to choose one based on the Avada styles available and then finished the site with the online build. Using theme templates is a great way to get websites built and completed as the client has a key role in how the finished website will look. The client specifically wanted a London website design look as that is where they are based and this is reflected in the images we sourced.

Avada Theme is an excellent and flexible theme to base your site on. It is not too expensive and has great technical support. The design can easily fit your brand ‘look and feel’ too.

I design many other websites in various themes, one I use regularly is the Divi Theme. If I build your website in Divi Theme you get the license free included in the website build price. Otherwise there is a charge for any other themes I agree with you to use.

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