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HR services corporate brochures

On this commission we had to follow the Northern Trust corporate guidelines to create these services bank brochures for Northern Trust. This of course is no problem at all. Many big companies have corporate guidelines so that the company keeps a consistent look and feel and message across all of their communications. In this case we even had photos supplied for us too use so the task was very much about producing an engaging layout that communicated clearly and engaged the reader. We even produced illustrations for the brochures to replaced previously used clip art.


Design for bank brochures

This is a sector that commissions huge qualities of bank brochures and collateral design for their services and products globally. Very often the commissions go to big design agencies in London. But why? As you can see small companies like ours are perfectly capable of creating work for big banks. The commissioning agent just needs to show a little faith. With the opportunity on the internet to use designers globally. Being savvy enough to pick a design from another continent meant huge savings for this departments budget. They tapped into our skills but checked us out first.


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April 28, 2016