Prospectus design client project

Prospectus design for our client at Russell house was created largely inline with an update on the schools website. We created a 16 page landscape brochure with a pocket on the back page. Integrating stylish images with a specific look-and-feel, the objective was to create an end to end story of the school to attract new admissions. The Prospectus gave the school an opportunity to re-write the copy, re think the message and gain a refreshing approach to the schools promotions.

Prospectus design or brochure design is a highly crafted and managed in every detail company or organisation promotion. The design should be of the very highest standard as the propectus represents all that is great about the school. Very often specialprint effects are added for extra quality. In this case we used a metallic colour on the heading and spot varnishes. Need less to say prospectus design and brochure design when done well creates a document that attracts customers.

We offer set prices for all our design work and charge by the page at a set fee. You can see our charges on the home page of this website. We design 3-4 visuals of a front cover a spread for each concept for our customers to choose on the finish. Our design process is inclusive to our clients requirements and we take every effort to include the clients wishes. We have sourced the very best quality and well priced printers to print our brochures, leaflets, propectuses and stationery for our customers. For more information on our design service please contact us

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