Very efficient, creative and competitively priced! Paul has the experience and expertise to listen to the requirements and deliver good quality design in a very quick timeframe. We really enjoyed the process and very happy with our labels! Thank you

Joanne Walton

Company Director, The Green Juicery

Food product label design

Here is a recent project we completed for the The Green Juicery, a local company based in Tonbridge. We designed a set of 6 food labels for our client basing the design look on the products of kimchi and cabbage. With a striking food texture which was interpreted to the visual experience for the customer, we achieved an impactful label design through a suit of colours that stood out off the shelf. Designed with all the required nutritional information the label wraps neatly around the jar. These are printed on freezer proof paper and stuck on by hand by the client.

Linking the brand to the product

The key part of this design task was to link the design to the product through the label design. By showing the user experience or if you like the equivalent of a ‘try before you buy’. The customer sees the flavour in the visual experience. Labels do need to demonstrate and link the browsing shopper to make the decision to purchase, through colour, graphic and feeling.

With several seconds for customers to decide to select your product the need for stand-out packaging design is critical. The competition is extreme and the need to be different in the line up too matters.

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