Recently the rebranding the Cadbury’s logo was featured in the news. Was it a success or not in your opinion? You might think it was, until you saw the fee (£30 million) and compare that to the changes they made.

Shocking, wasn’t it?

The recent Cadbury’s rebranding on the logo, cost a staggering £30 Million! It was the first update to the logo in 50 years. Yes £30 Million!!!! You might ask how that can that be justified, especially when you see it. It just a logo that is a bit thinned down. A ‘chocolite’ – if you like.

Some feedback on Social Media was damming, one said “fruit and nuts” about the rebranding.

Originally the logo was based on the signature of William Cadbury, who established the firm in the 1820’s.

Cadbury were quoted as saying “The Cadbury logo redesign is part of a much wider brand refresh which began over a year ago and touches all Cadbury visual assets”. Hopefully the £30 million cost includes those changes. I can’t imagine the agency received the fee for the new slimming approach.

Every company should go through a review of their branding every 5-10 years, refresh, redo and re-position. Some brands quickly look dated. Not to update very often is to stagnate. Even a review of images, colours and structure of these across company communications goes a long way.

Looking at the product packaging, with the new logo, it seems the product moves further to the front.The logo now speaks much more softly, sitting back a bit. Generally brands move in this direction. Take Nike, where the name was dropped leaving just the ‘tick’. Over-all looking at the rebranding, I think it is a success and the cost justified.

What do you think?

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